8 projects you can do with coding!


When learning to code, the best way to start is by working on a project that you find interesting. The problem is when starting it is difficult to know what you can build and where to begin!

Before picking a project first start by thinking about yourself. You want to pick a project that complements your personality, goals and lifestyle. That way you will stick with it when things get difficult!

I have put together a summary of project areas to get you thinking about what types of projects might resonate with you. I am planning to do deep dives into each of these areas in the coming weeks so let me know what interests you the most!

Mathematical Programming Projects

Mathematical programming is perfect for people that want to understand and explain the world. I am talking about the scientists and mathematicians out there. These types of projects are for people who like learning for the sake of learning and are great for developing numerical analysis skills which can be useful in many careers. For example, you could build an algorithm to analyse the frequency components of an audio signal or write a simulation to model the way shoal of fish swim.

Robotics and Electronics Projects

It is immensely satisfying when code written on a computer actuates or senses something in the physical world. These types of projects are great for people who want to have an impact outside of the digital world. These projects teach you how software and hardware interact and can lead you to explore many exciting areas such as the Internet Of Things (IoT), microcontrollers like Arduino or Raspberry PI; medical devices or autonomous drones.

Machine Learning Projects

Machine Learning projects are similar to mathematical programming projects but focus on learning rules from data rather than being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is popular because of the cutting edge technologies researchers and companies have been creating. If you are interested in trying to predict the price of a stock or creating an algorithm that understands the sentiment in written texts then these are the types of projects for you.

Creative & Gaming Projects

The goal of coding isn’t just about producing technical results. In fact, large amounts of professional software developers dedicate their lives to building user interfaces and creating engaging digital interactions. If you are a creative person that likes to focus more on aesthetics or experience then consider building a website in React, a game in Unity or an Extended Reality (ER) experience.

Competitive Coding Challenges

If you are into e-sports or other competitive pursuits then it might be worth getting into coding challenges. There are plenty of platforms that allow you to compete in challenges and get ranked against others. This is a great way to learn as the competition encourages you to improve and ranks you based on the quality of your code and the ingenuity with which you solved the challenge. These challenges set you up well for software engineering job interviews as it is common to be asked to code and answer questions about data structures and algorithms when interviewing at top tech companies.

Entrepreneurial Projects

Fancy yourself the next Zuckerberg? Entrepreneurial projects are a great way to learn to code and hopefully make some money in the process. Making a website, app or plugin teaches you loads about full-stack development as well as product design. It is an amazing feeling when people start using something you have built and getting to a state where you have real users teaches you the importance of engineering something that is reliable, secure and scalable.

Automation Projects

Why not try to automate a laborious task that you do regularly? Trying to automate a process can be a great way of exploring different technologies and can make your life that bit easier. You could schedule a process that pulls data from your favourite site every morning using their API (Application Programming Interface) or converts your excel spreadsheets into neatly formatted pdfs to send to clients.

Infrastructure & Software Engineering Projects

If you consider yourself a bit of a techie or want to become a pro software engineer then you want to work on projects that expose you to best practices and industry tools. Try working on a project that exposes you to things like Linux, databases, software development lifecycles (SDLCs), application programming interfaces (APIs), cloud computing providers, serverless architecture, version control and automatic testing.