How hard is it to learn Bubble?

May 20, 2022
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Bubble.io is one of the most powerful platforms for building custom web apps. Many competitors have similar UI tools, but few have backend tools as advanced as Bubble. These tools help users develop cutting-edge apps, but can intimidate newcomers.

Developing anything more than a simple landing page requires concepts from software engineering. These concepts are the most challenging part for newcomers. Yet, even with zero web development experience, Bubble is a great platform to build your app.

People with software development experience

For people with previous development experience moving to Bubble is easy. Using Bubble after developing my own app from scratch was an enjoyable experience. Bubble abstracts so much complexity, tasks that wasted hours in the past I could do in seconds. I was able to pick up the basics of Bubble in a couple of hours by working through their academy videos. Anything more complicated I learned as I went along by reading the forum and online blogs.

What about people with no development experience?

It’s difficult for me to predict how hard it will be for you to learn Bubble. It all depends on your prior skills and motivation. What I can say though is it is easier to learn UI focused designers like Webflow than Bubble. Yet it is easier to learn Bubble than say trying to code a site from scratch.

It all comes down to what you are building. Bubble has tools that you can’t find with other low-code platforms and this expands what you can create. If you want to make a startup MVP then Bubble is a great option, but, if you want a blog then go with a simpler solution. Realistically, if you have no development experience I would say you should expect to spend days or weeks rather than hours learning Bubble.

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