These mathematical programming projects are inspirational

April 30, 2022
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Learning to code can be so much fun when working on projects you enjoy. The problem is it can be difficult to find or think of project ideas. I have put together my top mathematical programming projects to give you some inspiration.

Table of Contents:

What is mathematical programming?

Mathematical or scientific programming is a type of coding that focuses on exploring scientific phenomena. It is common in academia and is used as a tool to develop understanding rather than creating a product.

These projects normally involve scripting languages more than software development techniques. Nonetheless, these projects are a great stepping stone for building familiarity with programming and can be fascinating.

These projects make a good choice for people that want an inexpensive self-contained project and are interested in exploring academic areas. I would recommend these types of projects for people that are interested in studying any of the natural sciences, mathematics or social sciences.

Shoals of fish: simulating boids

This project is both fascinating and aesthetically beautiful. If you have ever wondered about the way fish swim together in shoals and want to try simulating them then check out this YouTube video by one of my favourite content producers Sebastian Lague.

The Bibites: Digital Life

Ever wanted to create life and see what happens? This is exactly what is happening at The Bibites: Digital Life project! This YouTube channel is dedicated to simulating Digital Life that the author has called Bibites. It is a really interesting channel with a great community of people around it. Great for anyone interested in evolutionary biology!

Fractals: Plotting the Mandelbrot set

If you are interested in mathematics then why not try plotting the Mandelbrot set or some other fractals? This is a simple and interesting way to get started with programming and can produce some beautiful results!

An online guide here: https://realpython.com/mandelbrot-set-python/

Investigate audio frequency components

Audio processing is a fascinating area of engineering as there is a substantial amount of mathematical theory. One interesting project could be to compute the Fourier Transform on an audio signal and try to understand the result!

An online tutorial here: https://realpython.com/python-scipy-fft/

Simulate a board game

Want to come up with the perfect Monopoly strategy? A fun programming project could be to write a simulation of a board game and then run a Monte Carlo analysis to derive an optimal strategy!

Model biocircuits with Caltech's free Biological Circuit Design course

The Biological Circuit Design course (https://biocircuits.github.io) written by pioneering researchers at Caltech is an amazing resource for anyone interested in using mathematics and programming applied to biology to engineer new biocircuits (i.e biochemical reactions that implement parallels of electronic hardware). The course is freely available online and contains extensive information on how to model biological systems and simulate them in Python.

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